Beatrice Cadbury

Geslacht: Vrouw
Vader: Richard Cadbury
Moeder: Emma Richard Wilson
Geboren: 28 Apr 1884 Birmingham, Engeland
Overleden: 13 Feb 1976 Abcoude
Religie: Quaker
Aantekeningen: Boeke Beatrice (1884 - 1976 )
Personal Information
Last Name: Boeke
First Name: Beatrice
Maiden Name: Cadbury
Alias: BETTY
Date of Birth: 28/04/1884
Date of death: 13/02/1976
Rescuer's fate: survived
Religion: QUAKER
Gender: Female
Organization/ Religious order: Westerweel Groep
Place during the war: Bilthoven, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Rescue Place: Bilthoven, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Rescue mode: Hiding
Arranging shelter
File number: File from the Collection of the Righteous Among the Nations Department (M.31.2/4963)
Date of Recognition: 04/07/1991
Righteous Commemorated with Tree/Wall of Honor: Wall of Honor
Ceremony organized by Israeli diplomatic delegation in: The Hague, Netherlands
Ceremony held in Yad Vashem: Yes
Rescued Persons
Magnus, Inge
Magnus, Helga
Magnus, Anita
Magnus, Norman
Beesemer, Karel
Rescue Story
Boeke, Cornelis & Beatrice (Cadbury)
Since 1926, Cornelis (Kees) and Beatrice (Betty) Boeke had been running a special progressive school called “de Werkplaats” (The Workshop) in Bilthoven, Utrecht. Some of their own children (Kees and Betty had six) also attended the school. Betty had been born into an entrepreneurial Quaker family in Birmingham, England. Her comfortable background stimulated her to devote her life to helping others. Kees and Betty were well aware of the persecution of the Jews from very early on in the war. Prior to the German invasion of Holland, they had already been in contact with German-Jewish refugees and on the initiative of the headmaster of de Werkplaats, Joop Westerweel*, a special class for German-Jewish refugee children had been established in the school in 1938. In 1941, when due to German edicts Jews were ordered to attend segregated Jews-only schools, Betty wished to close down de Werkplaats in a show of solidarity with her Jewish pupils. Kees, however, insisted on keeping the school open. Betty then took on an English teaching job at a privately run school for Jewish children in Loosdrecht. In the fall of 1942, Govardus Pinxteren* of Breda asked Kees and Betty Boeke to hide nine-year-old Norman Magnus and his six-year-old sister Anita in their home. Norman and Anita were the two eldest of Felix and Eva Magnus’s five children and had false papers with false identities. Kees and Betty agreed and enrolled Norman and Anita in de Werkplaats. At this point, Betty resumed her teaching position there. Norman and Anita lodged with other pupils of the school and their presence was not considered out of the ordinary. Their younger siblings Inge and Helga later joined them at de Werkplaats, where Ruth Marco and Beb Cahn were also enrolled. Some of these children lived with other teachers or with friends in Bilthoven. Felix and Eva Magnus were able to send the Boekes a small amount of money towards the upkeep of their children, but Jewish children whose parents could not pay were just as welcome at the school. When the Germans later evicted the Boekes from their residence, Kees and Betty took the Magnus children with them to their new home. Betty nurtured the children, read to them, and clothed them, and they became an integral part of the Boeke family with Betty as a loving foster mother. On one occasion, the Germans interrogated both Norman and Anita, but the children did not give away any of their secrets. In September 1944 Kees employed Flip van Andel as a secretary. Two months later, the Germans arrested Kees, Flip, and some female employees. The following day, the women were released but Kees and Flip remained incarcerated. Jules ter Beek then gave himself up as a guarantee for Kees, who was subsequently released. The Germans later executed Jules and Flip. The Magnus children stayed with Kees and Betty until August 1944, when it became dangerous in Bilthoven and it was decided to send the children into hiding with their parents in Limburg. After the war, Norman Magnus was again enrolled at de Werkplaats. The Magnus family never lost contact with Kees and Betty.
On July 4, 1991, Yad Vashem recognized Cornelis Boeke and his wife, Beatrice Boeke-Cadbury, as Righteous Among the Nations.

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Huwelijkspartner: Cornelis Boeke geb. 25 Sept 1884 overl. 7 MRT 1966
Huwelijk: 19 Dec 1911 Birmingham, Engeland
  Theodora Boeke Female geb. 27 MRT 1923
  Candia Beatrice Boeke Female geb. 6 MEI 1920
  Helen Boeke Female geb. 11 Nov 1912
  Emma Boeke Female geb. 21 Nov 1914
  Paulina Boeke Female geb. 18 Jan 1916
  Julia Boeke Female geb. 12 Juni 1917
  Daniel Boeke Female geb. 21 Nov 1921
  Marian Boeke Female geb. 10 Dec 1927