Lena Nuijt

Geslacht: Vrouw
Vader: Leendert Nuijt
Moeder: Anna Elisabeth Goedknegt
Geboren: 9 Juli 1909 Vlaardingen
Aantekeningen: Last Name: Heusden van
First Name: Lena
Maiden Name: Nuijt
Date of Birth: 09/07/1909
Date of death: 09/06/1980
Rescuer's fate: survived
Gender: Female
Place during the war: Vlaardingen, Zuidholland, The Netherlands
Rescue Place: Vlaardingen, Zuidholland, The Netherlands
Rescue mode: Hiding
File number: File from the Collection of the Righteous Among the Nations Department (M.31.2/1479)
Bloeme Swaluw (later Dickhoff) had temporarily avoided deportation due to her poor health. From August 1942, she moved from one hiding place to another in her hometown of Rotterdam, unable to find shelter even at the home of her non-Jewish future in-laws because the neighbors knew her. Bloeme's fiancé contacted Marinus Post*, who found her a refuge where she stayed for some time. At the beginning of September 1943, Bloeme moved to the home of the van Heusden family in Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam. Cornelis van Heusden was the brother of Bloeme's fiancé's brother-in-law. Bloeme was made very welcome at the van Heusdens' home and she stayed there until January 1944, when she moved to the home of Ari and Johanna Don*, also in Vlaardingen.
On May 24, 1979, Yad Vashem recognized Cornelis van Heusden and his wife, Lena van Heusden-Nuijt, as Righteous Among the Nations.

Gezin 1

Huwelijkspartner: Cornelis van Heusden geb. 4 Aug 1906
Huwelijk: 10 Sept 1930 Vlaardingen