Gerardus Boermeester

Geslacht: Man
Vader: Gerardus Boermeester
Moeder: Margaretha Catharina de Vries
Geboren: 11 Mrt 1882 Amsterdam
Overleden: 3 Nov 1968 Amsterdam
Religie: Ev. Luthers
Beroep: kaslooper Gem. Energie bedrijf
Aantekeningen: Boermeester Gerardus (1882 - 1968 )
Personal Information
Last Name: Boermeester
First Name: Gerardus
Date of Birth: 11/03/1882
Date of death: 03/11/1968
Rescuer's fate: survived
Gender: Male
Place during the war: Haarlem, Noordholland, The Netherlands
Rescue Place: Haarlem, Noordholland, The Netherlands
Rescue mode: Hiding
File number: File from the Collection of the Righteous Among the Nations Department (M.31.2/1138)
Date of Recognition: 26/04/1977
Righteous Commemorated with Tree/Wall of Honor: Tree
Ceremony organized by Israeli diplomatic delegation in: The Hague, Netherlands
Ceremony held in Yad Vashem: Yes
Rescued Persons
Oudkerk, Benjamin
Oudkerk, Betje
Rescue Story
Boermeester, Gerardus & Christina (van der Pen)& Kieft, Jacobus & Maria Elisabeth (van Laer)
Benjamin and Betje Oudkerk, originally from Haarlem, owe their lives to the repeated gestures of hospitality extended to them by the Boermeesters. The Boermeesters acted out of compassion for the Jews and refused to be deterred from helping out even when their own lives were clearly at risk. In 1943, the Oudkerks were ordered to move to Amsterdam. They decided, however, to run the risk of remaining at home. Their neighbor, Louis Boermeester, an artist, had already expressed his willingness to assist them should it become necessary. When the situation became unsafe Louis unhesitatingly took the Oudkerks to the apartment of his parents, where he was living at the time. The Oudkerks even stayed in his room there, despite the fact that he was also hiding a Jewish couple in his studio across the city. The Oudkerks spent one night there and the next day Louis whisked the fleeing couple away to a safe house in Oosterbeek, Gelderland. In November 1943, after a few months at this address, the couple begun to fear betrayal and suddenly fled. With no one else to turn to, they contacted Gerardus (Gerrit) and Christina, who again welcomed them into their tiny apartment without hesitation. Christina was known as an altruistic person, always busy helping the poor, the sick, and the needy. Gerrit worked as a billing clerk for the Amsterdam municipality. Both were dedicated Apostolic Christians, active in their local church. Their son Louis also placed himself in danger ---he was active in the underground and organized false papers and extra food for the Oudkerks. In April 1944, the Boermeesters realized that they were suspected of hiding Jews in their home. The Oudkerks left and found an alternative hideout at the home of Jacobus and Maria Kieft-van Laer, childhood friends of Benjamin. Earlier in the war, the Keifts had offered to store the OudkerksÂ’ valuables in their apartment. The Gestapo were tipped off and found the hidden items and Jacobus was arrested and taken to the Vught concentration camp for nine months. Despite the KieftsÂ’ experiences, they agreed to hide the Oudkerks. Maria and Jacobus hid Benjamin and Betje for seven months, until they were warned that they had been betrayed. Again the Oudkerks were forced to flee and with no place else to go they turned again to the Boermeesters. Here they were again afforded shelter without so much as a second thought. But that winter was especially harsh. Benjamin went to Harskamp, Gelderland, where he found a farmer willing to take him in together with other refugees from Arnhem. Here Benjamin managed to get some extra food and delivered it to the Boermeesters in Amsterdam as often as possible. In April 1945, amidst a general feeling that liberation was imminent, Benjamin returned to his wife at the Boermeesters, on their insistence. Benjamin and Betje enjoyed their hospitality even after the war ended and until they managed to find a place of their own. The families developed a deep friendship that outlasted the perils and atrocities that had drawn them together.
On April 26, 1977, Yad Vashem recognized Gerardus Boermeester and his wife, Christina Boermeester-van der Pen, and Jacobus Kieft and his wife, Maria Elisabeth Kieft-van Laer, as Righteous Among the Nations.

Gezin 1

Huwelijkspartner: Christina van der Pen geb. 23 Juli 1884 overl. 10 Mei 1983
Huwelijk: 11 Mei 1904 Amsterdam
  Gerardus Boermeester Male geb. 7 Feb 1905
  Louis Boermeester Male geb. 12 Jan 1908 overl. 2 Nov 1992
  Hermanus Theodorus Boermeester Male geb. 1 Juli 1910
  Christiaan Boermeester Male geb. 14 Juni 1916