Hermanus Wilhelmus Cornelis Marie Vogels

Geslacht: Man
Vader: Willem Pieter Vogels
Moeder: Catharina Geertruida Dantz
Geboren: 16 Aug 1868 Den Haag
Beroep: handelsreiziger
Aantekeningen: Portrait of the Vogels Family. Herman Vogels was an educated Dutch businessman born in the Hague in 1868. He drew the attention of Hugh MacRae and Dr. Frederik van Eeden who were interested in starting a Dutch farm colony near Watha, NC. Vogels moved his family to Castle Hayne, NC in 1911, and he began working for Hugh MacRae, helping to select appropriate colonists and providing advice on how to begin farming. Sometime between 1913 and 1915, Vogels left his family and never returned. His wife, Hendrika (Henrietta), remained in Castle Hayne and later remarried. Hugh MacRae was a pall bearer at her funeral, and she is buried in Oakdale Cemetery.
Herman Wilhelmus Cornelis Marie Vogels (b.1868) was the son of Willem Pieter and Catharina Geertruida Dantz of The Hague, Holland. He married Hendrika Johanna Eggink at Utrecht in 1895. She was the daughter of Gerrit Jan Eggink and Mina Arends of Utrecht. Herman emigrated to the United States in 1908 and sent for his family in 1910. They settled at Castle Hayne, North Carolina. Herman and Hendrika were later divorced. She later married John W. Winders in 1920. Herman and Hendrika were the parents of Wilhelmina Catharina Geertruida (b.1896), Herman Jan (1897-1897), Gerrit Jan (1899-1900), Gerrit Jan (b.1900), Herman Godfried Jan (b.1902), Catharina Carolina Alida (b.1906) and John William Vogels (1912-1987). John William married Mary Olive Mintz, the daughter of Benjamin Julius Mintz and LaVada Kate Sellers of Wilmington, North Carolina. They were the parents of four children. The Vogels family lineage is traced from Joannis I, who died in 1314. Family members live in North Carolina, Texas and elsewhere.

Gezin 1

Huwelijkspartner: Hendrica Johanna Eggink geb. 25 Feb 1871
Huwelijk: 26 Sept 1895 Utrecht
Scheiding: 25 Sept 1925 Amsterdam
  Wilhelmina Catharina Geertruida Vogels Male geb. 24 MEI 1896 overl. 11 Apr 1911
  Herman Jan Vogels Male geb. 6 Aug 1897 overl. 22 Aug 1897
  Gerrit Jan Vogels Male geb. 6 Feb 1899 overl. 4 Jan 1900
  Gerrit Jan Vogels Male geb. 11 Sept 1900 overl. 1981
  Herman Godfried Jan Vogels Male geb. 1 Aug 1902 overl. 1986
  Catharina Carolina Alida Vogels Male geb. 29 Dec 1906
  John William Vogels Male geb. 1912 overl. 1987

Gezin 2

Huwelijkspartner: Antje Nijdam geb. 12 Jan 1876
Huwelijk: 11 Feb 1926 Amsterdam