Jeanne Magdalena Bosman

Geslacht: Vrouw
Vader: Albertus Bosman
Moeder: Wilhelmina de Koning
Geboren: 28 Nov 1893 Djember, Ned. Indiƫ
Overleden: 17 Nov 1985
Religie: Ned. Hervormd
Beroep: Montessori leidster
Aantekeningen: Last Name: Hulst
First Name: Jeanne Magdalena
Maiden Name: Bosman
Alias: NON
Date of Birth: 28/11/1893
Date of death: 17/11/1985
Rescuer's fate: survived
Gender: Female
Place during the war: Groenekan, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Rescue Place: Groenekan, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Rescue mode: Hiding
File number: File from the Collection of the Righteous Among the Nations Department (M.31.2/213)
On August 18, 1942, Maarten Hulst and his 17-year-old son, Ernst, rode with 12-year-old Beatrice Babette Lanzkron (later Jackon-Lanzkron) and her sister Ruth on their bicycles from their parents' home in the city of Utrecht to their home in nearby Groenekan. Maarten and Jeanne (Non) Hulst, who had four children, received ration cards for the girls from the underground. They took care of the sisters as if they were members of the family. During the course of the war, the Hulsts also hid nine other Jews for various periods of time. They were also involved with other illegal activities. Their motives were purely humanitarian. One night in December 1943, the Germans came to the Hulsts' home and arrested Maarten because of his illegal activities. The intruders inspected all the rooms in the house and saw six children asleep in the beds. Non insisted that they were all theirs and since children were not required to carry identity papers the Germans did not pursue the matter. Maarten was sent to the Vught concentration camp. After a short time, the situation became so perilous that the girls were temporarily moved to a different address. In June 1944, Non took them in again but in July they had to leave once again. In September of the same year, Maarten was released and in December, Ernst rode on a tandem bicycle through snow and ice to cross the German lines to get to Dedemsvaart, Overijssel, to pick up the Lanzkron girls and bring them back to his parents' home. With incredible courage and perseverance, he brought Beatrice and Ruth back to the house. The sisters remained with the Hulsts until the end of the war. They referred to Maarten and Non as "mother" and "father" both during and after the war.
On March 15, 1966, Yad Vashem recognized Maarten Hulst, his wife, Non Hulst-Bosman, and their son, Ernst Ferdinand Hulst, as Righteous Among the Nations.

Gezin 1

Huwelijkspartner: Maarten Hulst geb. 16 Juli 1895 overl. 9 Aug 1959
Huwelijk: 19 Juli 1925 Bilthoven
  Willy Julius Bosman Female geb. 1926 overl. 25 OKT 1927
  Ernst Ferdinand Hulst Female geb. 16 Juni 1926