Christina Bottelier

Geslacht: Vrouw
Vader: Christiaan Bottelier
Moeder: Maria Elisabeth Boekholt
Geboren: 4 Mei 1896 Haarlem
Overleden: 26 Jan 1986
Beroep: telefoniste
Aantekeningen: Belterman Christina (1896 - 1986 )
Personal Information
Last Name: Belterman
First Name: Christina
Maiden Name: Bottelier
Date of Birth: 04/05/1896
Date of death: 26/01/1986
Rescuer's fate: survived
Gender: Female
Place during the war: Haarlem, Noordholland, The Netherlands
Rescue Place: Haarlem, Noordholland, The Netherlands
Rescue mode: Hiding
File number: File from the Collection of the Righteous Among the Nations Department (M.31.2/643)
Date of Recognition: 01/12/1970
Righteous Commemorated with Tree/Wall of Honor: Wall of Honor
Ceremony organized by Israeli diplomatic delegation in: The Hague, Netherlands
Rescued Persons
Praag van, Herman
Praag van, First name unknown
Rescue Story
Belterman, Theodor Wilhelm & Christina (Bottelier) Professor J.A. van Praag, who lived with his wife and two sons in Amsterdam, decided to go into hiding in autumn 1942, despite his initial reluctance to put others in danger. The Beltermans of Haarlem, North Holland, took him in, just in time, as it turned out. Three days later the German police stormed the van Praag house. The eldest son, eight-year-old Herman, was taken in by the family’s former maid, but had to leave after a few weeks, and was also taken in by the Beltermans, while his mother and brother hid elsewhere in Haarlem. Theodor Belterman, an orthopedic shoemaker and an underground activist, and his wife Christina, both in their late forties, had two children, an 18-year-old son and a daughter aged 22. Professor van Praag stayed with them for two months at the end of 1942 and it was then thought best that he move out of the area since he was too well known as a lecturer at Amsterdam University. Herman stayed with the family from November 1942 until the end of the war, when his father joined him for six months. Since he did not have false papers Herman could not go to school and Christina taught him herself at home. At some point during the final part of the war the Beltermans grew concerned that their home was no longer safe because of Theodor’s illegal activity and decided to send Herman to the countryside. However, when they found out that both the homes he was taken to belonged to people who were doing it just for the money, they took him back again, just before the Germans searched the rural village, arresting all the Jews there. In December 1944, Professor van Praag’s own situation in Utrecht had become so distressful that Theodor brought him back to live with them. This was a dangerous undertaking but the professor was saved from starvation and united with his son. When his younger son, born in 1939, could no longer stay in hiding with his mother, Theodor also found another place for him. Theodor also volunteered to make orthopedic shoes for people sent to forced-labor camps in Germany, of which his son was one. On December 1, 1970, Yad Vashem recognized Theodor Belterman and his wife, Christina Belterman-Bottelier, as Righteous Among the Nations.

Gezin 1

Huwelijkspartner: Theodoor Wilhelm Belterman geb. 29 Mrt 1896 overl. 4 Nov 1980
Huwelijk: 31 Juli 1919 Schoten, Haarlem