Maartje van den Brink

Geslacht: Vrouw
Vader: Dirk van den Brink
Moeder: Berendje Nijeboer
Geboren: 16 Dec 1924 Ermelo
Aantekeningen: Last Name: Schuit
First Name: Maartje
Maiden Name: Brink van den
Date of Birth: 16/12/1924
Rescuer's fate: survived
Gender: Female
Place during the war: Ermelo, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Rescue Place: Ermelo, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Rescue mode: Hiding
File number: File from the Collection of the Righteous Among the Nations Department (M.31.2/2982)
Eva Regina Jacobsohn (later Ruiter) was born in Holland in 1936, the daughter of German Jews who sought refuge in Holland in 1933. Eva's mother was deported to Auschwitz on January 22, 1943, where she perished. Eva's father, a lawyer, bought a house in Mook, Limburg, where he rented out rowboats. In August 1942, when Eva was six years old, her father decided that it was too dangerous for her to remain in Mook, where everybody knew that they were Jews. Eva's father contacted Maartje van den Brink (later Schuit) and asked her to shelter Eva in her home in Ermelo, Gelderland, where nobody would know her. Maartje asked her parents, Dirk and Berendje, for permission and they agreed. On September 3, 1942, Maartje took Eva to Ermelo. As Berendje was suffering from heart disease, Maartje had to run the household, which included her two brothers as well as Eva. Shortly after Eva arrived there, however, the two boys had to go into hiding themselves because they were evading forced labor in Germany. A third son lived outside of Ermelo and had a daughter, a little younger than Eva. Eva passed as Berendje and Dirk's granddaughter, under the name Effie van den Brink. Although Mr. Jacobsohn agreed to pay the van den Brinks, he was unable to fulfill the agreement when he went into hiding and lost contact with his daughter. He did not see Eva again until after the liberation, in May 1945, when he returned to Ermelo in dire financial straits. It took him an entire year before he was able to take care of his daughter again, during which time Eva remained with the van den Brinks. When Mr. Jacobsohn could eventually pay the van den Brinks for their hospitality, they did not want to accept remuneration.
On October 2, 1984, Yad Vashem recognized Dirk van den Brink, his wife, Berendje van den Brink-Nijeboer, and their daughter, Maartje Schuit-van den Brink, as Righteous Among the Nations.