Jeanne Francisca van Delden

Geslacht: Vrouw
Vader: Constant Louis van Delden
Moeder: Anna Davelina Masthoff
Geboren: 31 MEI 1890 Utrecht
Religie: V.K.K.
Aantekeningen: Last Name: Croes
First Name: Jeanne Francisca
Maiden Name: Delden van
Rescuer's fate: survived
Gender: Female
Place during the war: Oegstgeest, Zuidholland, The Netherlands
Rescue Place: Oegstgeest, Zuidholland, The Netherlands
Rescue mode: Hiding
File number: File from the Collection of the Righteous Among the Nations Department (M.31.2/9936)
Jeanne Croes lived with her four grown children, Anna, Henri, Otto and Jan Nico, in the town of Oegstgeest (prov. South-Holland). At the time of the German invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940, her husband was working as a physician in the Dutch East Indies (today, Indonesia), and was unable to return to the Netherlands. Prior to the war, Jeanne’s sister, Jansje van Delden, a piano teacher, had taught a daughter of the Jewish Schneider family in The Hague. In view of the increasing anti-Jewish measures, she indicated that her family could be of help, should the need arise. Indeed, by the end of July 1942, soon after the onset of the deportations of Jews, she contacted her sister, Jeanne Croes, who agreed to hide the family of five in her home. Thus, George Schneider, his wife Gisela (née Herrmann), their daughters Elizabeth (later, Gomperts), Gisela Ida (later, Croes) and Doris (later, Kuyken) made their way to Oegsgeest, after taking off their yellow stars. Before the Schneiders’ departure for the Croes family, a young Jewish woman, Flora Drukker (later, Beekman), who had been taken in by the Schneiders after her own family was deported, was moved to a hiding address in The Hague. The Schneiders received two rooms on the second floor in the large Croes semi-detached home that were connected with a sink at the end of a small passageway. For possible house searches, two secret hiding areas were created, holding two people each. Gisele Schneider was able to walk around freely, posing as the domestic help. The Schneiders stayed in the house at all times, trying not to make any undue noise. No one knew of their existence with the Croes family, except for Jeanne’s sister. In order not to arouse the suspicions of the immediate neighbor, toilets were flushed minimally, curtains were always closed and speaking was in a low voice. During the entire period that the Schneiders were in hiding, the active help of all the Croes children was necessary – mostly for buying extra food in various stores. The Schneiders were able to assist with the extra expenses, with money from George’s business, which was brought to them by an underground courier, Hetty Passchier-Meijer. The Croes family kept the Schneiders on also during the infamous Hungerwinter 1944-1945, when hardly any food, electricity or gas was available. In total, the Schneiders hid with the Croes family for nearly three years until the liberation of Oegstgeest in May 1945. After the war, Gisele Ida married Otto Croes and both families stayed in close contact.
On February 23, 2003, Yad Vashem recognized Jeanne Francisca van Croes-Delden and her children Henri, Otto, Jan Nico Croes and Anna Boerma-Croes, as Righteous Among the Nations.
Lezing. Mevrouw J. F. Croes-v«n Delden uit Malang zal op Maandag 25 dezer, aanvang 8 uur 's avonds, in het Kunstkringhuis een lezing houden over astrologie

Gezin 1

Huwelijkspartner: Henri Croes geb. 1886 overl. 27 Feb 1951
Huwelijk: 14 Dec 1916 Grisee
  Henri Franciscus Croes Female geb. 7 MEI 1920
  Anna Croes Female geb. 10 OKT 1921
  Otto Constant Croes Female geb. 3 Aug 1926
  Jan Nico Croes Female geb. 3 Juli 1928